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I am very happy to announce...

Beach sunrise

At a glance:

Feel like a sea change? A new day has dawned and I am soon to be opening a second clinic at the coast... and yes, the Murrilla clinic will still be open as well.

It's a good day, isn't it?

... AND...

I'd love you to check out all the new and relied upon products... ON SALE for 3 days only @ 30% off.

I will be delighted for you to pop the kettle on and take your time to browse all the information through the above links. Be quick though because the sale ends at midnight on 30th June 2019!

Sending you much love and gratitude, Jen. xo

PS: Thank you in advance if you choose to share this wonderful news with your friends! I'm not on social media (aka Facebook, etc) any more... but you're most welcome to share this wherever you are connected.

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