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New clinic opening @ the coast!

Jeremy and I are very excited to announce that we are in the process of establishing my new clinic at the coast - humble as it is. I am aiming to open with the start of Spring. In the meantime we're all about creating the space; dividing my stock and setting up there, ready for you... while Murrilla remains our home and my practice base and continues to roll along wonderfully as usual. What a lovely balance.

Why might that interest you?

Well, for those who've been travelling from the coast to "Murrilla" for consults with me, for however many years, it will mean significantly less travelling... Finally!

Thinking that now might be a good time to say "thank you" for all your effort, by the way... so THANK YOU. Now it's your turn to have some "easy street" and I am happy for all of us.

For those who live in the west as we do, my home clinic will still be running as usual, so no worries there. I will simply be splitting my time between here and there... and yes I am very grateful to be able to say that. Those who live inland might even choose to visit me at the coast and share some sea breeze. Who knows what the future holds?

There is something special about ocean air that cleanses and recharges my soul and lifts my spirit. So you can share my joy and inspiration as we connect here or there. I am good at sharing!