About us

I am Jennie Berthet, Herbalist, at your service... and this is an old photo.

I live with my husband Jeremy at our property called "Murrilla" - situated between the rural towns of Coonabarabran and Binnaway in NW NSW - and work from​ my hand-built mud brick clinic which is nestled in our native bushland alongside my office and retail store... and I love that.

I also work from our little house at Coomba Park. I am able to offer phone and email consults from both locations.

Just so you know...

My professional qualifications include, but are not limited to:-

  • -Diploma of Herbal Medicine: Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine

  • -Diploma of Anatomy and Physiology: Nepean College of Natural Therapeutics

  • -Registered member: Australian Traditional Medicine Society # 6815.

Services I offer at Murrilla and Coomba Park are Herbal Medicine (including Iridology and Nutrition), which I am passionate about.

Clinic days and hours at Murrilla and Coomba Park are flexible, allowing me family time in between. Usually I am available Mondays - Saturdays. When I'm with my family I am out of contact. That keeps it pretty simple.



Due to the current pandemic we are responsibly physical-distancing.

I have resumed face-to-face consulting by scheduling appointment times to allow for cleaning in between. I need each person to confirm within ONE DAY of their appointment, that they are not symptomatic of any viruses in order to go ahead with the scheduled appointment. Thank you for your assistance with this.

I am still happy to connect with you on the phone; receive your photos, enquiries and feedback via email and post you any requested supplies. 

I am once again offering first-time consultations.


Supplies of herbal medicines, dried herbs, etc., are fluctuating in availability as deliveries are able to re-stock the suppliers. Some are simply currently unavailable.


I'll edit this page as paradigms shift in the future. xo

“Warrumbungles Holistic Health Care” was first registered as the trading name for my practice when we moved here in 1999. Seemed like a great idea at the time… but what a mouthful. In the years since, it has become informally known as W.H.H.C. instead, (so much easier).

My intent is and has always been to offer and provide quality health care, naturally and affordably, while serving without judgement.


Happy Herbie is the online extension of W.H.H.C. and is where you can keep up to date with our latest news, directly.


Thank you for popping in here, by the way.


Hoping you’re having a fabulous day!


Sending you loads of love, Jen. xo

PS: You're welcome to subscribe below to keep up with the latest... but don't hold your breath while you wait for my newsletter in the meantime because I only write when there's something very important that I want to share & I know you will be interested in... NOT regularly or frequently. Just so you know.

Herbal Health Care, by Jennie Berthet

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