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Bookings, fees and payments...

Life's dynamic.

Things change.

Paradigms shift.

Sending so much love to you right about now. xoxo

Clinic days and hours:

I am currently only offering phone and email consultations and will notify on this website when I am happy to offer face-to-face consultations again.

Online consultations:

You are welcome to email me to request this service. I will reply to your email so you know you have the go-ahead. Then you can email me clear photos of your eyes and tongue and details of your concerns about your wellbeing... and your phone number. I will respond, letting you know if your photos are clear enough for me to use or if you need to have another try (most folks need a few attempts to start... most mobile phones can do clear photos as long as you don't take them in "selfie" mode). I will then call you to organise the time for us to chat. I am able to offer a phone call for your remote consult (this is when I will assess your wellbeing through iridology as I observe the photos you sent me and ask you a squillion questions). The same times and investment as real-world face-to-face consults will apply. After we have discussed everything that's relevant you can direct deposit the fee into my bank account. When your deposit shows in my bank account, I will post you any supplies you need. Simple.


All 1st consultations are budgeted for 1 hour and your investment is $125.

Most subsequent consults last 1/2 to 1 hour and your investment is $60 - $120.

PLEASE NOTE: If we don't take that long, you will pay less.


I respect my time and yours and I greatly appreciate punctuality. If you are late for your appointed time, you accept by default that you will simply have less time with me (face-to-face or phone time) while still being charged for the time I had allocated for you.

If I am late to start your appointment (rarely happens), I will run over time with you to make sure you have the time you had counted on... and yes, I space appointments apart suitably to allow for that, just in case.

Payment methods:

I am happily able to accept direct deposits.

Cancelling your appointment:

I require at least 24 hours prior notice of appointment cancellations - so that those on the waiting list are able to be offered the opportunity for that time slot. Otherwise, you will be charged for the wasted time and subsequent bookings will only be taken upon payment of the missed consult account.

Thanking you in advance for your understanding. xo