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Balms, Creams, Lotions & Oils

Happyherbie products are handmade to order at Murrilla from mindfully sourced, quality ingredients, by me.
I keep only a very small stock of each item at any given time and order in larger quantities as you need.
The suggestions for each product's uses are simply that - suggestions, not advice.
Let common sense prevail and contact your health care provider for guidance regarding your individual needs. 
PLEASE NOTE: There are no added preservatives in my products. If you ever have a problem with mould developing in a product (within a few months of your purchase - if it hasn't happened by then it is unlikely to happen thereafter unless the environment it's stored in has mould spores to taint it and that will not be my fault), please email me directly (and if possible include a photo of the bottle from the back so I can see the mould and read the back label) and I will happily organise to promptly replace that item no charge.
It rarely happens... Still worthy of mentioning up front though. Life's not perfect. xo

No mud, no lotus.

It is my great pleasure to help you find some possible solutions for your needs.

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