Having had time to ponder... Change can be good.

Don't think I'll EVER get used to the whole "selfie" thing??? Wow! Where to begin? Let's start with what is... and what can be - and a little about what was and has been since. I'll write more about that when the time is right in the not too distant future. Grief is tricky. A week ago was another one of those overwhelming waves. This time however I ASKED FOR HELP. Trying to understand all the end-of-life legals and financials without any will on behalf of Ben's own family - Can I just say here, again, EVERYONE needs a will - was totally overwhelming me. So finally I asked a friend for advice. That Saturday my friend listened to my story and made quality suggestions, gifting me the startings

Clinic re-opens 2.11.2017

With more gratitude for you patience, understanding and kindness than you might ever truly realise, I am pleased to say:.. Tomorrow the W.H.H.C. clinic @ Murrilla is open again! Stories and details of the new normal will be posted soon. In the meantime... ... Much love and thanks to you. xo

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