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Just needing to say...

Rather than writing the same again with different words, it's gentler for me if I just copy what's already written. So please excuse my copy and paste in this moment. xo

This was posted on facebook by me...

"Jen Berthet

23 August at 22:43

With sadness more deep than we could ever have imagined, Jeremy and I need to announce that our beloved son Ben passed away unexpectedly last Sunday, 20th August.

Along with Ben's beloved soul-mate Carley Campbell (whom we love as a daughter) and children Jade, Jack and Lara (our most precious grandchildren), we are amidst the process of understanding what was, what is and what will be.

We are eternally grateful for all the love, care, help, support and compassion we are so abundantly given in every way possible, especially in this moment.

Thank you, more perhaps, than you will ever know. It has buoyed us in our overwhelm. Please accept this thanks as personal as we are unable to respond to each person's kindness just yet..."

For the last month we (including our families and loved ones) have been overwhelmed by the kind understanding, patience, love and generosity of everyone in our lives.