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Hellooo Lovely! Jen Berthet here and this is my only newsletter for 2020... I hope you like it. xo

Entrance to Murrilla
Welcome to Murrilla 2020

Well what a year this has been! Thankfully like no other that I can recall... from drought and fires to flooding downpours, that virus, lockdowns, politics in health care and all the rest of the dynamic changes this time has brought to bare. Oh my goodness is all I have to say about that.

I hope you've been able to swim the waves as they've come along. Many people have struggled with the shifting paradigms and the worries about the external influences... You are not alone if that's how you've been feeling.

We are all in this together.

I am hoping and praying that the next year will be kind and gentle and bring some semblance of balance for all of us and this planet we call home.

So what has this year unfurled?

  • I have rebuilt my website, including the web store and will love you to check it out! You're now able to order your repeat bottles of herbal medicine directly online if you prefer. NOTE: I'd like to stop for a moment to thank Maddi Cooke for designing the original version which was beautiful. It just felt like the right time for a change.

  • Clinic closed during the lock down and re-opened after and my work is busy as usual. Feeling very grateful to work in the bush and not be cooped up in a small office, I must say. Thank you for your patience and understanding yet again when this year's interruptions were happening! I am now back in clinic full time and doing online/email and phone consults much more commonly than previously and that seems to be working well.

  • While many were fretting about short grocery and TOILET PAPER(?) supplies, I was stressing about short supplies of herbs, bottles and eyedroppers. Yep, you wouldn't believe how close it came to not having anything to put your medicine in! Supplies are better than a few months ago yet still not as they could (and hopefully will) be. Some herbs are still short in supply also.

  • The rain's brought all manner of fresh and restorative growth for far and wide. Murrilla (our place) recharged from bone dry bare ground and lots of trees struggling and dying (also wildlife), pretty much like everywhere else around here, to green and almost lush new growth everywhere... and the wildlife have come back in full force. It's been interesting to note the new species (flora and fauna) that have emerged and the succession of growth of the seeds which were sparked out of dormancy by the storms. Fascinating really! We are feeling very grateful right about now... AND we planted our first little patches of herbs and veggies in years! Wow! How lovely is it to be able to walk out to the garden and pick some of your dinner. Very, very grateful.

PLEASE NOTE: My office, clinic, website (including the web store), phones and emails will be unattended from Saturday 19th December 2020 to Sunday 3rd January 2021 and then from Monday 18th of January to Sunday 31st January 2021... While I have some precious family time, do some renovating and re-charge for the coming year!

That means I will be out of contact for orders, bookings and enquiries during those times... So please think ahead for any supplies you might need and place your orders in advance.

I hope you have a beautiful Christmas (to those who are Christian... and Happy Festive Season to those who are not) and Happy New Year and gratefully look forward to serving you in 2021.

Sending you my love and bright happy thoughts for the time to come. Jen. xo

PS: You have received this newsletter because (1) you subscribed on my website, or (2) I have entered you into my data base after you have sought my help for yourself or someone you care about in the past few years. You are welcome to unsubscribe by replying to this email and simply writing "unsubscribe please".


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