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Update on W.H.H.C. and

Our son Ben passed away 20th August - you can read about it here - and left behind a little family who are understandably shattered. Between trying to help them come to terms with their new reality and starting the process of end-of-life legals and financials - can I just say, everyone needs a will? - and learning how to wade through this grief personally, I have left my work on hold and simply cancelled everything possible (and posted out repeat bottles) to be able to focus on family and our recovery, ever since.

I've recently looked at iris photos to test if I can read them confidently but at the moment my brain just can't think clearly enough. It feels strange to look at eyes and just see eyes - Nothing's jumping out at me, no insights - So, for now I am unable to offer iridology.

I hope soon I am able to once again do that which I love, fully, confidently and competently. In the meantime I am capable of doing phone consults because thankfully I still can discern which herbs and treatments to suit which needs for each individual person.

Unfortunately this means that I am not able to offer 1st time consults still as they need to be in person and definitely with iridology.

So, please feel welcome to email me at - how ironic that name seems at the moment? - or call and leave a message on 02 6844 1036 if you would like me to send you a repeat of your medicine or do a phone consult for you to determine if your medicine needs altering in any way.