Beating the heat!

I'm so grateful for my feet I'd like to give them a little treat ... and in return they'll help me beat This overwhelming summer heat! Hey there gorgeous! I hope you're enjoying this vibrant summer weather. I'm trying to make the best of every moment, hot or not. Sometimes I'm a bit slow... Early last year I flew to Darwin to develop and launch this little range of foot bath teas with the help of some dear friends at the salon of the beautiful Sarah Johnston, who is now in the salon of the gorgeous Kelly Wilson. The amazing Ali Stringer's photography captured the blissful moments way back then and it's taken me until now to actually include them on my website! Yep... bit slow. In the meantim

Thanks 2018 & Welcome 2019! xo

Hellooo gorgeous! Well here's 2019 ready or not. This being the perfect time for reviewing and anticipating and with so much to be grateful for... It's hard to imagine that in a few weeks time we will have been living up here (having moved from the Hawkesbury where I was born and raised) for TWENTY years! What an adventure. So what's the news from our end? My online store is finally up and running again. Phew! That was a big job and a good box to have ticked (well mostly anyway). You can check it out here. There are still many more products to enter. However, it's a respectable start. Thank you for your patience while it took so long. 2018 saw a change in how clinic appointments were charged

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