What is Roundup really doing... even if you don't use it yourself?

I just need to pop this blurb about glyphosates here because it's something I'm drawn to talk about frequently since most of us have been led to expect that "it's so safe you can drink it". - Oh I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard that sentence! - and it just isn't... and we need to be aware of how common it is in our diets and environments. Anyhoo, I'll defer to the well studied and published Dr Stephanie Seneff rather than rabbit on with my opinion. Hang on because it is surely a ride to remember with learning curves aplenty! Here are several variations of the same fundamental message... we now know more and we need to choose wisely with that knowledge for it will be our childr

Letting go of Gallbladder woes

This week has been a bit of a biggie for folks asking about gallbladder woes. So I'm thinking it might be a good thing to pop up a blurb about just that... gallbladder woes. Let's start with what and where it is in your body. We are each born with a gallbladder which is - very basically - a storage area for bile which was passed on by your liver. Bile acts as an emulsifier for fats in our diets and carries wastes from the liver, out through the bowel. In my simple brain I think of healthy bile flow - through the bile duct and into the small intestine - a bit like drinking a milkshake through a straw. When bile flow is sluggish the bile thickens into "mud"... bit like drinking a thick shake t

Where to begin? This is who I am. That might be a good start.

I am me and am glad to meet you here, albeit virtually. I share my life with my hubby, Jeremy Berthet. Our little family includes our son Ben, his life-partner Carley, their gorgeous littlies Jade, Jack and baby Lara and our son Ryan and his dear wife Liz. I am born and married into gorgeous families - and am very grateful for that - all of whom live distant to us. That just means that visiting and connecting is important to me. I'm a herbalist in rural NSW Australia and am loving my life. I love being able to help folks work out WHY they are / feel the way they do... and how to improve upon that, particularly using nature's gifts... some of which we are able to grow / produce here. We live

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