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Merry Christmas to you! xoxo

Hello there!

Firstly, I'd like to take this opportunity to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to those who are Christian and HAPPY HOLIDAY to those who are not.

If you are travelling, I wish you God's speed and safe travels.

If you are alone, I wish you contentment.

If you are with loved ones, I wish you connectedness.

If you are troubled, I wish you solace.

If you are hungry, I wish you nourishment.

If you are caught up in busy-ness, I wish you calm.

If you are unwell, I wish you good health.

If you feel empty, I wish you fulfilment.

If you feel lost, I wish you groundedness.

If you feel pain, I wish you ease.

If you feel misunderstood, I wish you empathy.

If you feel confused, I wish you clarity.

If you feel bound by addiction, I wish you understanding of why and release from the ties that bind you.

If you feel hard or cold-hearted, I wish you warmth from my heart to yours.

If you feel numb, I wish you feeling and endurance.

If you feel enveloped by dark, I wish you gentle light to bring balance.

If you feel hopeless, I wish you hope.

If you feel unloved or unlovable, I gift you my love, right now, as you read this... in this moment..

Also, I'd like to use this moment to repeat my thanks for all the love, understanding and compassion that's been so generously bestowed upon my family especially in recent times. We are eternally grateful.

Wishing you wellness, peace, joy and grace in abundance along with all my love, Jen. xoxo

PS: My clinic and website will be temporarily unattended as of Wednesday 20th December as I gratefully cherish some precious family time.

PPS: I'll update soon with new clinic hours, etc.

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