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My first blog on Happy Herbie... Welcome!

Welcome to the first Happy Herbie blog post. xx


I am Jen Berthet and I am a happy herbie.

I hope you will love to stroll with me through my musings - thoughts, inspirations, dreams, ideas and offers at your leisure - unless they're "limited time only" offers because then you'd want to get a wriggle on? - and feel welcome to share my space. I'm grateful for your company. Let's see where this little adventure takes us, shall we?

Be well. Much love. xo

PS: Please let common sense prevail. None of the information in any of my blog posts is intended to diagnose or treat. These are merely my thoughts which I am sharing with you and I hope you find them interesting. For individual advice or treatment please see your health or medical practitioner and in the case of emergency, please call an ambulance or go to hospital... because sometimes that's your best option. Be wise. That's all. :)

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