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What is Roundup really doing... even if you don't use it yourself?

I just need to pop this blurb about glyphosates here because it's something I'm drawn to talk about frequently since most of us have been led to expect that "it's so safe you can drink it". - Oh I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard that sentence! - and it just isn't... and we need to be aware of how common it is in our diets and environments.

Anyhoo, I'll defer to the well studied and published Dr Stephanie Seneff rather than rabbit on with my opinion. Hang on because it is surely a ride to remember with learning curves aplenty!

Here are several variations of the same fundamental message... we now know more and we need to choose wisely with that knowledge for it will be our children and their children and all the children to follow who will live with the consequences of our actions. Let's just stop for a few breaths and let that really sink in. I hope you will watch at least one of these videos. We are learning together, continuously, aren't we?

Much love to you. xo

NOTE: This first clip is a teaser... only about 5 minutes. The others are significantly longer and go into wonderful detail to explain clearly for all levels of current understanding. Illuminating, to say the least. Well I think so anyway. So there you go... That's my opinion for today. Thanks for listening.


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